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Islamic Submission or Carbon Emissions?

Last week's cover of Time magazine is the most poignant example of exactly where those on the Left have found themselves.

I'm sure you're familiar with the iconic image of U.S. soldiers planting an American flag on the island of Iwo Jima, where over 6,000 Marines were killed. Take a look at the alteration Time Magazine thought was appropriate:

Above: No more do we simply "address"
global warming. Now it's a "war."

There is nothing more telling of where the Left's priorities lie than this picture. Don't take this as condemnation - take it as clarification. Liberals have become anti-war, not anti-evil, and are therefore missing in action in the war against radical Islam. The threat of submitting to the will of the Islamists is a "scare tactic," but a human-induced global warming catastrophe is not.

How many times will you find the phrase "Islamic Terror" in any of the Democratic debate transcripts? Try zero. When you ignore true evil by regarding it as a mere "scare tactic," you have to manufacture something to take its place. Time magazine to the rescue.

What is despicable about the cover, and I shouldn't have to tell you this, is that it equates those who fight carbon-dioxide emissions with those who gave their lives to fight Japanese imperialists and German fascism.

What must you give up to fight "climate change?" Carbon dioxide does not aim to convert or murder your family, and will not have you seeking refuge after threats have been made on your life for speaking out against it.

But it sure makes liberals feel good, doesn't it? Yes, we're just as noble and heroic as the soldiers on that tiny island, bravely leading the charge in the battle against the seminal evil of the modern world: climate change.

It's not heroism. It's deceptive, pathetic, and cheap.

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