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New Iranian Best-Seller: "Those Jews and Their Wacky Holocaust!"

As if weekly "Death to Israel" rallies and Holocaust Deniers conferences weren't enough, a "group of Islamist students" have released a book mocking the Holocaust to "show solidarity with the Palestinians."

I know people love to claim that the knee-jerk reaction of calling someone an "anti-semite" for siding with the Palestinians is a popular one, but if you think "the Jews" were responsible for their own slaughter in order to politically exploit it - guess what? You're an anti-semite. From Breitbart:
The cover shows a Jew with a crooked nose and dressed in traditional garb drawing outlines of dead bodies on the ground. Inside, bearded Jews are shown leaving and re-entering a gas chamber with a counter that reads the number 5,999,999.

Another depicts Jewish prisoners entering a furnace in a Nazi extermination camp and leaving as gun-wielding terrorists from the other side.

Yet another shows a patient covered in an Israeli flag and on life support breathing Zyklon-B, the poisonous gas used in the extermination chambers.

The commentary inside the book includes anti-Semitic stereotypes and revisionist arguments, casting doubt on the massacre of Jews and mocking Holocaust survivors who claimed reparations after World War II.

One comment in a question-and-answer format reads: "How did the Germans emit gas into chambers while there were no holes on the ceiling?" Answer: "Shut up, you criminal anti-Semite. How dare you ask this question?"
I'm sure you remember the Danish cartoon controversy? How many death threats do you think will be made to the publishers of this book? How many bombings do you think will occur as a result of this mockery? I'm going to put my money on "zero."

I love how the Germans have admitted to and apologized for the murder of millions of Jews, and yet a culture and a race of people that had absolutely no involvement in the atrocity continues to deny it ever took place. Maybe they just want all the credit for their own soon-to-be-manifested genocide:
On Friday, tens of thousands of Iranians marched in Tehran, chanting "Death to Israel," declaring solidarity with the Palestinians and calling for Jerusalem and Israel to be handed to the Palestinians.

Demonstrators carried placards which read, "Israel will be destroyed, Palestine is Victorious" and "Holy war until victory," and they torched American and Israeli flags.

The demonstration was held under an official slogan: "The Islamic world will not recognize the fake Zionist regime under any circumstances and believes that this cancerous tumor will one day be wiped off the face of the earth."
I don't even know if I'm in favor of bombing their nuclear sites anymore. Maybe it would be feasible if we hadn't invaded Iraq (or were out by now) and if we had actually done something to stop them over the last 30 years, which is as long as they've wanted nuclear weapons.

Sure, keep up the economic sanctions. If they do anything, they enrage Ahmadinejad, allowing more of his evil nature and hostile vitriol to be seen and heard by the international community. But in the end, it's probably too late to stop them. They'll get the bomb if they don't have it already, and they'll use it.

I think I'm in favor of the YAD strategy. That is to say, "Your Assured Destruction." With our most sophisticated anti-missile systems, we let the Iranians know that any adorable little nuke they fire will be immediately shot down, and followed by ten of our own being detonated over Iranian soil. Too harsh?

It's the EMP threat that scares me, anyway.

Update: It should be noted that these "Islamists" are not random students but actually a tentacle of the Iranian government - a paramilitary force founded by the original Ayatollah in 1979. Also, here's how Pakistanis (you know, our "allies?") are celebrating their Al-Quds day:

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