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No Matter Who Wins...We Lose

The always lovely Kirsten Powers has penned an article in the New York Post summing up last nights debate, and the hopelessness of this election. Read it.
John McCain needs a game-changer, but he didn't get it last night. Barring some crisis that shifts the public debate away from the cratering world economy and onto foreign policy, McCain is swimming upstream in his effort to overtake Obama.
The "game-changer" she refers to won't come from McCain. He's acting like a fall guy; like he's taking a dive. He's lying in a hospital bed hoping to wake up each day to the miraculous news that the Palincillin is working, but alas, he remains on life support.
But of greater concern to the average American is this: In last night's debate, neither candidate displayed any real understanding of the economic mess or offered any vision on how to solve it. Instead, both men treated the audience to a tsunami of talking points interspersed with petty finger-pointing.
McCain, clearly oblivious to the notion that attacks don't seem to be working (whether they be over policies or "guys in Obama's neighborhood"), thinks "taking off the gloves" means finger-pointing.

On the other hand, Obama did oh-so-much to prove he's the real post-partisan candidate, by not only blaming the entire financial crisis on Bush and "deregulation" (wrong), but by taking every opportunity to point the finger at Republicans for letting Americans down, no matter what the question or issue.
It's appalling to watch the two men who are vying to run our country play the blame game and insist that only the actions of people in opposite political parties are at fault. It was a moment to grab the wheel and say something reassuring - but neither stepped up to the plate and acted like a leader.
Also, notice how both candidates have been completely silent on the issue of immigration, in all 3 of these debates? Hmmm, I wonder why...


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