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Hamas Ready for War

Hamas has declared an end to its ceasefire with Israel, which was largely meaningless given that Hamas has violated it on more than one occassion. More than likely what this means is that the Islamist group has simply had enough time to stockpile more weapons and ammunition to feel heroic again. Super.

From the Reuters report:
Hamas on Thursday declared an end to a six-month-old Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip, raising the prospect of an escalation in cross-border fighting.

"The calm is over," Hamas official Ayman Taha said in an announcement after concluding talks with Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave controlled by the Islamist group.
Israel's Haaretz is also reporting that the Israeli military cancelled weekend leave for all troops near Gaza and is preparing for "mobilization." Why does Israel keep agreeing to these "ceasefires?" They know what happens every time: The Israelis stop fighting, the Islamists fire more rockets, and then use the "calm" to reload, re-arm, and re-recruit. Then, it begins again.

If Hamas wants to call off the ceasefire, I say let 'er rip Israel. Hamas doesn't want peace, they want the complete destruction of Israel (as they have officially stated). This is Jihad, and Jihad never ends.

If only Jimmy Carter could save us!

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