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Politicans Make Lousy Friends

"You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog."
-Harry S. Truman

The unprecedented groundswell of enthusiasm for politicians on the Left (read: Obama) has left me both encouraged and concerned. It's refreshing to see young people "out-voting" older citizens (or illegal immigrants; Democrats tend to strike down voter ID laws), but it's worrisome when these young people are coming out of the Marxist incubators our universities have become.

It worries me when Americans lose what we used to get regular doses of: a reasonable and patriotic distrust for the government and its politicians. This is especially concerning with young people; It used to be a badge of honor for the college stoner to question the establishment, default to distrust, and trust no one wearing a suit.

Politicians have a job to do. Just because a politician has to keep you happy doesn't mean he's doing it for the right reasons. They're an interesting breed, and one whose morality, transparency, and interests should be closely monitored.

But they are not your friends. Do you think George Bush loses sleep over his personal beliefs on abortion, gay marriage, or stem sell research? Do you really think his closely held spiritual beliefs have anything to do with his decisions on religious matters?

It's no secret that Bush enjoys his more favorable support in the Evangelical Christian community. Follow the votes. A vote is to be seen as a unit of power, to be reluctantly handed off as a fragment of your sovereignty. Politicians need them, and if they're any good, they know what to do to get them. The sooner you realize that this is true for any politician in any party at any time in history, the better off you'll be.

Above: Hillary, Barack, and indeed all politicians
will take advantage of a weak nation.

You have to question your leaders and do your own thinking. Politicians would love to do your thinking for you. Remember, their power means nothing without your knowledge, awareness, and involvement. They take advantage of your weakness as a people.

A smaller government is a more efficient and manageable government. Don't you ever wonder why you seem to trust your mayor or city councilman a lot more than you trust your senator or even your president? Your mayor knows what it's like to be you. He reads your paper, he drives on your roads, and he gets rained on when you do. But there is a disconnect and a disenfranchisement that grows the closer you get to Washington, as politicians start to care less and less about the nuances of your existence.

Who honestly likes politicians? I suppose there's nothing inherently wrong with the concept, but you can't let your admiration or infatuation with a public official's good work get in the way of good old fashioned American skepticism. Democrat voters aren't afraid of Democrats, and they aren't afraid of a larger government with more control over their lives. They see Republicans and the Bush albatross, and they see nothing but hollow old white men chasing a corrupt dream of getting rich while screwing the American people. They see Democrats and they see real people with real feelings. It feels good to help poor people by giving them money that someone else worked for. It feels good to hear that everyone in America will have health insurance.

Above: They play the very same game.

But there is one thing holding them together, and that is the need for your vote, which becomes the need to manipulate you.

It's foolish to say there is no difference between the parties. There are undeniable ideological differences; we are the most polarized we have ever been. But while Washington may never agree on the score, these two teams are playing the same game they've always been playing.

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