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America: No Israel, You Can't Have Bombs to Attack Iran.
Israel: Please?
America: Okay.

About a month ago the U.S. opted to turn down requests from Israel for "military hardware" for a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. U.S. officials continue to say that the military option isn't "the right thing to do at the moment," but will also say that the military option shouldn't be taken off the table.

I believe there are some people in power who are willing to live with a nuclear Iran. There are others who want to bomb Iran's nuclear sites yesterday. The Iranian crisis ends in war, and Iran is buying time to further their messianic global ambitions, to bring about an Iranian (and Muslim) victory after nearly 40 years of clandestine conflict with the United States.

It's not going to be pretty, and it doesn't matter who we elect in November.

Now, the Department of Defense has prepared a $77 million potential arms deal to Israel, to sell the Jewish state "1,000 smart bombs capable of penetrating underground bunkers."

Time is running out. If the pattern of "testing new presidents" with terrorist attacks continues (1993 WTC bombing in Clinton's first year, 9/11 in Bush's first), and we're hit in 2009, look for two things: Iran to have helped (as is now being revealed in respect to 9/11), and American leadership to use the attack to rally the people behind the idea of an Iranian strike.

If Iran is provoked, the problem of terrorism will mean more than "that time those planes crashed in Manhattan" - innocent people will be targeted. They want this war, because they know that however ugly it might be for them, it will be devastating for Americans. It will be Iran's national suicide belt.

Update: For all of you who think Iran and other Shia entities don't cooperate with Sunni groups like Hamas and Al-Qaeda, get a clue. Hatred of the West and non-believers is a universal value of radical Islam. See also:

Captured Documents Show Iran Working Al-Qaeda
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