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Attention Teachers: When Talking About Terrorism, Try Not to Use the Sole Muslim Kid as an Example

In fact, if your goal is to keep your job, it might be a good idea to just not talk about airline terrorism in class at all. A Chicago public school teacher could be finding another line of work after deciding it was necessary (and "politically permissible") to describe how the only Muslim in the room could "hypothetically" sneak bombs onto a plane.

Naturally, CAIR is on the case. Rest assured offended Muslim child - the Saudis have your back. The article doesn't state whether or not she made him take off his shoes:
The teacher allegedly used Saleh as an example when she described a hypothetical homicide bombing, saying that he would carry explosives on board a plane and blow it up.

Though the 13-year-old declined to speak to the media about the ordeal, his brother Mohammad Fahad Choudhary said that "before he even took his backpack off, he had tears in his eyes already" when he came home from school that day.

The older brother said that Saleh was then relentlessly mocked by the other students after the classroom incident in April.

"Everybody started teasing him and calling him a terrorist after the comments were made by the teacher," Mohammad said.
Surprisingly, this lesson came right after a lecture entitled "MONUMENTAL FAILURES OF COMMON SENSE." Come on, man.

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