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End the Federal Reserve: National Day of Protest

There will be a nation-wide protest against the Federal Reserve system on November 22nd, 2008!

Rallies will take place in front of every Federal Reserve bank and office, meaning 38 simultaneous protests in cities across the country. Come out and make your voice heard as we undertake the daunting task of toppling the Fed. Americans will be protesting in the following cities:

Boston - Philadelphia - New York City - Washington, D.C. - Buffalo - Cleveland - Cincinnati - Pittsburgh - Richmond - Baltimore - Charlotte - Atlanta - Birmingham - Jacksonville - Miami - Nashville - New Orleans - Chicago - Detroit - St.Louis - Little Rock - Louisville - Memphis - Minneapolis - Helena - Kansas City - Denver - Oklahoma City - Omaha - Dallas - El Paso - Houston - San Antonio - San Francisco - Los Angeles - Portland - Salt Lake City - Seattle

For all the pertinent information, head over to endthefed.us and restoretherepublic.net. You can sign up, get the times and locations for your city, and help organize the efforts of locals in your area. If there are any other Atlantans reading, print the following flier and help promote:

On a related note, I might as well take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my film. Look for DISINTEREST to be released soon, and watch some clips from the movie in the meantime. Then, send it to your friends. This information has to get to people who can make a difference, like you!


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