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McCain is Running to Lose

After Tuesday's debate, I'm so over these two candidates, but I'm especially disgusted with what John McCain has offered conservatives in the last month. He is virtually pleading with his base to stay home on November 4th.

Obama did everything he needed to do during the debate. McCain on the other hand, threw the Straight Talk Express into reverse and slammed on the gas.

While the Messiah has billions and billions in proposed new spending, the self-proclaimed Maverick wants to literally expand the bailout by spending $300 billion (at the very least) so the government can buy up bad mortgages. Both sound like a real good recipe for a country whose national debt clock has run out of digits.

I can't even articulate what a God-awful idea McCain's ACORN-like mortgage buy-up is. This was one of the first things out of his mouth during Tuesday's debate. His big game-changer. His big taking-off-the-gloves moment. Then, he spent the rest of the debate railing against government spending and bills "loaded down with goodies."

What irks me about this most is the fact that if Barack Obama had proposed this idea, we'd need hearing aids after the initial wave of screams from the Right. He'd once again be attacked as a huge-government socialist (which he is) who favored having the Treasury Department (still headed by Henry Paulson) renegotiate individual home loans.

Home ownership is good, but it's not a constitutional right. Foreclosures are bad, but they are not something to be avoided at all costs, no matter what the impact on taxpayers.

The guy who wants government to "get out of the way" and emphasizes "personal responsibility and accountability" wants to radically expand the federal government's role in meddling with individual mortgage loans. And speaking of "responsibility," this magic debt elimination is only available for those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payment for any number of reasons - not for you suckers who've managed to pay your bills on time.

Even if there was no $700 billion bailout, the mere implication of this is so compromising to John McCain and his base, who don't have much of a tongue left to bite. Regardless of the cost, the man thinks that house prices need to be stabilized through a government mandate. The man thinks it is somehow the government's duty to keep people in homes they couldn't afford in the first place.

He's a fall guy, picked to lose, I swear it. Remember now, McCain wasn't well-received even during the primaries; he was down there flirting with the likes of Ron Paul and Sam Brownback. Suddenly he's forced into our lap, and we're told to shut up and accept him, "lest we put the Marxist in the White House!"

Conservatives, do you know anyone who voted for McCain in the primaries? Me neither. Perhaps that can explain this:


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