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Injured Palestinian Girl: Hamas is the Cause of All Wars

I wish I could say this reflected the broader Palestinian sentiment, but that isn't the case. Consider this an interview with a human shield, her four-year-old sister one of the 60 civilians killed in IAF strikes so far (as opposed to over 300 Hamas personnel)

This did not air on Israeli networks, but rather Palestinian Authority TV. I have no reason to question the integrity of the clip, but some are suggesting it's a "Pallywood" attempt by Fatah aimed at undermining Hamas.

When Hamas starts to care more about protecting the people of Gaza (instead of using their bloodied corpses as PR tools), and less about the goal of destroying Israel, the Palestinians will be much better off.

I only wish America had the stomach, the will, the nationalist pride that the Palestinians have to fight and defend every inch of the land that is rightfully ours, instead of remaining complacent as the elite throw open our borders and tell us that sovereignty is an "anachronistic" concept.

When compared to the quislings in the United States, that particular facet of Palestinian culture is admittedly admirable.

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