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Greenpeace Will Surely Save Our Children

We all know that breaking the law is the best way to spread environmental awareness. London's Heathrow airport had a security breach Monday, during which four Greenpeace "activists" climbed on top of a plane, and unfurled a banner reading "Climate Emergency -- No 3rd Runway."

You've got a climate emergency, Britain! But what about your demographic emergency? What about the waves of immigrants who aren't assimilating? What about your suicidal birthrate?

What about your failing health care system? What about the 1 in 5 British men who will die from prostate cancer while simply waiting for treatment? What about the gradual disintegration of your personal freedoms? No, you're right. The real emergency is the carbon apocalypse.

Above: It's funny how they didn't choose any
Muslim activists to "breach security."

According to the article, the "activists" were on top of the plane for about an hour and a half. So, let's get this straight. Four people were allowed to "breach security" and sit atop an airplane for ninety minutes at one of the world's busiest airports, in the era of jihad, and at the center of Londonistan? Were they even armed?

Anna Jones, a Greenpeace member participating in the protest, said:

"I am standing on this plane because our planet and the people who live on it are in danger."

Yes, they are in danger. They're in danger of having clowns like you manage their lives. Still think conservatives are they only ones who play "the politics of fear?" Here is some wisdom from a statement posted on Greenpeace UK:

"Security threat? Yes, we've exposed a security hole at Heathrow, but we've done it to expose the gaping hole on Brown's climate change policy. Brown's carrying on as though climate change has never happened."

You're right, climate change did happen. You know when? When there were no airplanes, because there were no humans.


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