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How Do You Say "Client 9" in Farsi?

Eliot Spitzer is not just corrupt. He's not just arrogant. He's not just a low-life. He's an idiot. Only a New York governor would take a New York prostitute (this is her actual myspace page) to Washington D.C. and pay for everything by wiring money using a fake name.

Above: Does this remind you of anything, Hillary?

The media is drowning in stories about Eliot Spitzer's prostitution ring scandal, as well as his subsequent resignation. But while the American talking heads are saturating their broadcasts with coverage of the governor's indiscretions, on the other side of the world, another local official was reportedly in a bit of hot water himself.

Iranian Reza Zarei, Tehran's police chief for the last four years,
was arrested after being found nude with six prostitutes. Do you think the Iranian media is awash with stories of "scandal?" Do you think Reza would be "urged to resign?" Do you think he and his wife (or wives, as it were) are going to have to saunter in front of an Iranian television camera while he wraps his mandatory apology around a slimy frown and a cheap suit?

Above: The world's oldest confession.

Please. The best part of the story was that Reza's hypocrisy was just as sweet as Spitzer's. According to the article:

"Over the past year Zarei was in charge of enforcing the Islamic dress code on Iranian women with the purpose of "moralizing of the city.'"

Ouch. The truth is both painful and ironic. There is actually one very distinct difference between the cases of Zarei and Spitzer. Five years from now, Spitzer will still have his head.

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