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January, February, March to War

March got off to an anxious start if you were paying attention to the Middle East and South America. This isn't what I like to wake up to Monday morning. Israel has apparently gotten tired of daily rocket attacks (and is actually doing something about it), and has been carrying out airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

117 Palestinians have been killed since last Wednesday, and roughly half were civilians. Maybe that number would be lower if Hamas fighters weren't using them as human shields. There have even been civilian casualties in Gaza caused by Hamas rockets misfiring and killing Palestinians. I can think of no better metaphor for the Palestinian self-destruction caused by relentlessly inciting an unwinnable and unbalanced war.

Above: IDF soldiers operate against Hamas militants in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia has directed its nationals in Lebanon to get out, and the U.S. has deployed 3 warships to the Eastern Mediterranean. I don't think I have to tell you how worrisome this is.

Meanwhile in South America, Hugo Chavez has called Colombia the "Israel of South America." Ecuador and Venezuela have sent troops to the Colombian border. It's hard to see this situation erupting into a total war with Colombia, but as usual, Chavez is spewing some unnerving rhetoric, calling for the liberation of Colombia from U.S. dominance.

The U.S. doesn't need to be sucked into another war, for Israel or any other nation. This doesn't look good.


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