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Clinton Machine Up and Running

She...she did it. I didn't see this coming, and I'm pretty sure Obama didn't either.

Hillary won 3 out of 4 states up for grabs last night.
After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I saw it coming -- a tidal wave of Clinton rhetoric. A chorus of Obama gospel. Back and forth, on and on, with no end in sight. Hillary at the very least prolonged her campaign, and at the very, very most, struck a turnaround blow to Barack that will catalyze jumps in the polls.

On the other side of the spectrum, while his base was watching American Idol, McCain clenched the GOP nomination.

Obama took Vermont early, and with it his 12th victory in a row. This kid has been throwing knockout punches. As the Clinton and Obama campaigns claimed "voting problems" in Ohio, Hillary took the state. Some analysts are saying she could win the next 16 straight contests and still lose to Barack, but she will undoubtedly steal some of his Obamamentum.

Above: The bitch is back.

Hillary got smart and put an end to the Bill's misadventures. She even went on Saturday Night Live and showed America she can at least pretend to have a sense of humor. She almost seemed human.

Clinton also found some chinks in the Obama armor. Her campaign made it no secret that while campaigning in Ohio and Texas, Barack had advocated renegotiating the NAFTA treaty. It later turned out that his chief economist had met with the Canadians and had told them to dismiss these statements as "political posturing."

Additionally, she pointed out Obama's complete lack of foreign policy experience with her frightening "3 AM" advertisement. This, coupled with the timing of Monday's trial of Tony Rezko (and its subsequent media coverage), seems to have proven at least modestly effective for Hillary.

The Clinton campaign knows these victories are bigger, because they were Hillary's "comeback" victories. These were contests in which she fought as the underdog. And now you'll hear that she's won a "diverse" collection of states, and that she was "outspent" massively, yet she's still here.

You'll hear: "If Obama can't beat Hillary, what chance does he have against John McCain?"

I'm so tired of this process. I've decided that I am a complete spectator at this point, and this has nothing to do with voting. That we have sunk to the man-from-nowhere running against the Marxist in the pantsuit tells me that we are witnessing the collapse, the downfall, and the dissolution of what was once America.

So for you Democrat voters who haven't been to the polls yet, are you going to show yourself to be a racist or a sexist?


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