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Religion of Pieces

You probably don't know who Mohammad Abbad is (and you never will if your television remains tuned to CNN), but you should know he is currently on trial in Istanbul. If found guilty, he could lose his children, his marriage, his property, and his home. What was his crime?

He chose to leave Islam and convert to Christianity, otherwise known as apostasy. According to the story, the 40 year-old Jordanian fled his home country after Muslims "violently attacked him and his 10 year-old son in their home." These men sound particularly understanding. These men sound particularly peaceful.

Abbad says he can’t win the case as long as he maintains that he converted from Islam to Christianity. He says:

"The court will annul my marriage, I will be deprived of my kids, I will be with no ID or passport, and my properties will be confiscated."

Turkey is no stranger to Muslim-on-Christian violence. Last year, three employees of a Bible publishing house were murdered after being attacked by men who openly stated they "carried out the killings to protect Islam." A Turkish newspaper also quoted the man as saying:

"We didn't do this for ourselves, but for our religion. Our religion is being destroyed. Let this be a lesson to enemies of our religion."

Your religion is being destroyed? It seems as if it's the other way around. It seems as if the forces that have perverted your religion and wrapped themselves in it (forces which include you, you schmuck), are destroying everyone else's. So why don't you come out and say it?

The enemy of your religion is liberty, and you know it.


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