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New Heinz Gayonnaise

Heinz aired an ad in the UK that has been pulled after viewer complaints over a scene which shows two men kissing. What is absurd about this ad is that it's not as if the fact that the couple is gay is innocuous or secondary to the content of the ad. The entire punchline is "Look, gay people!" It's low-brow hilarity in its most absurd form.

The ad features children calling a grown man "Mum," which is apparently the first clue that Heinz mayonnaise is the most delicious mayo you'll ever have. After making some sandwiches for the kids, the ad culminates with the two men kissing, creating a commercial I wouldn't exactly call "mayo-centric." Watch.

It's as if Heinz sums up the premise as, "
Get it? They're gay! Buy mayonnaise."

This isn't about gay people being on TV or in commercials, which is an entirely separate issue. Despite what Ann Coulter would have you believe, that isn't a huge outrage. Unlike my friends on the Left, I actually value freedom and would never lead a torch-wielding mob to Heinz HQ and demand the ad be removed from the air.

It's more about the apparent notion that being gay is now a fashionable novelty and a hilarious punchline. The content doesn't offend me, because I'm not gay, but if I were, I would be left wondering why my very sexuality was enough to sell mayonnaise.

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