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White + Black = Black?

During a speech in Florida, Barack Obama told supporters that Republicans would launch racial attacks against him in an effort to "make you afraid of me." His exact words were: "They're gonna try to make you afraid of me. They're gonna say, you know what? Hes uh...he's young and inexperienced, and uh...he's got a funny name. Did I mention he's black?"

I've obtained a video, but you'll have to excuse Wolf Blitzer and his CNN cohorts. Watch.

Did Barack Obama forget when Jeremiah-gate exploded, and McCain refused to comment on Barack's pastor or the church? When everyone in the media couldn't say enough about how controversial the reverend was (and is), McCain said nothing. By hitting the mute button, he looked foolish in the eyes of conservatives and those outraged by Wright's anti-American statements. But in doing so, he refused to give Obama any ammunition.

Obama also must be forgetting that it was a Hillary Clinton staffer who sent the photo of him in African/Muslim garb to the Drudge Report, and that Clinton herself could only give a tepid repudiation of the "Obama is a Muslim" rumor. Barack is essentially saying that Republicans are racist, and that his "blackness" is the only reason people are afraid of him.

And that's another thing: How has he determined that he is black? He could just as much say that he's white, couldn't he? After all, he mother was white, and he was raised by white people with "Kansas values." So when did White + Black = Black?

If he was smart, he would use his own mixed racial identity as an analogy to the ways he will transcend the lines of race and culture - the cornerstone of his position on racial issues. He would say, "I'm not black, and I'm not white. I'm an example of why the question of white or black is an irrelevant one. Don't look at my skin color. Don't try to put me into a category or assign me a group identity. I'm a person like each and every one of you."

But of course, attending an America-damning Afro-centric church for 20 years kind of negates that strategy (and his entire premise of racial transcendence). If Obama has proof that the Republican Party and/or the McCain campaign plans racial attacks on him, then let the messiah show us. But if he doesn't, then Obama is guilty of his own race-baiting (the accusation he is throwing at Republicans) and should apologize.

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