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30,000 Troops to Return Home Next Month

Since any good news from Iraq is apparently not newsworthy in this country, I have to read an article from the Iraqi news organization Aswat al-Iraq to find out that President Bush is withdrawing 30,000 troops from Iraq by July of this year:
U.S. President George Bush on Monday announced the withdrawal of 30,000 troops by July, highlighting that any further withdrawal of the troops will depend on the security conditions in the country.

“This strategy aims at handing Iraqis more responsibilities,” Bush said. For his part, Brown denied any impact of the political argument on his government’s stance.

“There is a work to do in Iraq and we will continue our work,” Brown added, stressing that he would not outline any time table for British forces withdrawal.
He highlighted that his forces realized more progress in Iraq as well as the Iraqi forces.
Will this be uncomfortable for Democrats? With the media clamoring for the return of troops from Iraq, why is this not a major news story? This isn't 30,000 Americans home by the end of the year, this is by the end of next month. I guess they think most Americans will be too wrapped up in deciding how to spend their stimulus checks to be bothered reading an Arab paper.

As for Nero (ahem...Bush), will he even have the stones to hold a press conference announcing this?


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