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Islamists Attack U.S. Embassy in Yemen: 10 Dead, 6 Enjoying Their Virgins

The U.S. embassy in Yemen was attacked by "Islamic militants" believed to be from the Yemen branch of the Islamic Jihad Organization, killing 6 Yemeni soldiers and 4 civilians. Oh, and the 6 thugs didn't survive either. At first this seems like the 1983 attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut (also perpetrated by the IJO, with a little help from Iran), which ending up killing 241 Americans.

Similarly, a disguised truck filled with explosives was driven into the embassy compound before being detonated. However, the jihadis weren't satisfied with a lone truck bomb:
Several rocket-propelled grenades were fired and a gun battle broke out that is believed to have killed and wounded both guards and attackers.

"It was a well-organised and well-planned attack."

A senior US official said there had been up to five explosions and that the Yemeni authorities who first responded were ambushed by snipers.

He said it appeared some of the attackers were dressed as Yemeni troops, and that the first emergency personnel to arrive on the scene were hit by heavy sniper fire from riflemen laying in wait across the street from the embassy.

Sky News can reveal that the US and British embassies in Sanaa had received a threat from the Yemen branch of the Islamic Jihad Organisation on September 14.

"We will strike against all foreign interests, especially American and British interests, accurately and quickly," it said.
I'm sure Obama will be able address the terror group's "legitimate claims."


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