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Hamas: It Happened...But Jews Did It

Last week, in lieu of another Assud the Jew-Eating Bunny re-run, the elected Hamas' Al-Aqsa television station opted to air a "documentary" claiming that Jewish leaders concocted the mass execution of handicapped Jews to avoid having to support them, and to "play it for world sympathy."

Al-Aqsa TV is entirely owned and controlled by the Hamas leadership in Gaza. Here's a clip in case you missed the broadcast, which is aired via satellite to the entire Arab world:

The ironic thing is, Hamas doesn't give two hijabs about its population in Gaza. Just like the race-baiters of America (Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, et al), Hamas is reliant on the lack of Palestinian "sovereignty" to carry out its genocidal dream. And no, I'm not playing the "Holocaust card;" if you don't know by now that Hamas (and many Palestinians in Gaza for that matter, as is the case in the following paragraph) has more to celebrate from dead Jews than living Arabs, you should probably go work for CAIR.

I know you haven't forgotten the murder of 8 religious students in Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva last month. In Gaza City, after hearing news of the attack, residents poured into the streets firing rifles into the air and shouting in celebration. If you guessed "Allahu-Akhbar," you're right.

What were they celebrating? That the world is a better place now that there are 8 fewer Jews living in it. When was the last time Israelis took to the streets with cries of "Baruch Hashem" after Palestinian civilians were killed (the way Hamas likes it) in an IAF attack? A handful of dead Arabs is just fine as long as it's something more Hamas can use against Israel.

Why do you think Hamas has an interest in disrupting the passage of fuel and humanitarian aid, which can then be used to accuse Israel of carrying out a slow-bleed genocide? Because the destruction of Israel comes first. The welfare of the Palestinian people comes second (arguably last). Arabs may speak of living in the "cage" that is Gaza, but what they aren't seeing (because Hamas and its televised propaganda don't want them to) is that the bars on that cage are being reinforced by their leadership every day.

The leaders of Gaza place intrinsic value on the killing of Jews, not for the sake of advancing the Palestinian cause (which murdering unarmed religious students who aren't even eligible to enlist in the IDF does not do), but simply for the sake of increasing the number of dead Jews.

An Israeli man actually carried out the very same type of senseless murder against Palestinian civilians once. Were it not for one key difference, this fact could almost be used as evidence against a moral difference between the Palestinians, Israelis, and their respective leaders.

But there was a key difference. That single act of barbaric depravity led to the largest and most widespread demonstrations in Israel's history -- demonstrations all aimed at protesting a Jew doing something that wicked. There's more than a fence separating Gaza and Israel. There is a moral gulf.

If you think an armed Israeli slaughtering Palestinian civilians is as evil as an armed Palestinian slaughtering Israeli students, you are in the realm of moral clarity. Yet, as was shown on the morning of 9/11 when Palestinians celebrated the murder of thousands of innocent Americans, the realm of moral clarity is a place Palestinians seldom find themselves.

But is the blame really to lay squarely and solely on the shoulders of the people themselves? How do you think your children would turn out with this kind of perverse brainwashing pouring of the TV every night? Joseph Goebbels, the conductor of the orchestra that was Nazi propaganda (even from his bunker as the Third Reich was disintegrating), had nothing on Hamas TV. The Islamists are the Nazis of our time.

But don't tell Jimmy Carter.

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