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Global Warming Archives: 1993

15 years ago the New York Times published an article reporting scientific findings which suggested that "the period of stable climate in which human civilization has flourished might be unusual," and that the current climate may "get either warmer or colder much more quickly."

The findings, based on an analysis of extracted ice from the Greenland ice sheet, showed that with the exception of the last 8,000 to 10,000 years, "the climate over the past 250,000 years has changed frequently and abruptly." Given that there were so many SUVs, oil companies, and Republicans in the last quarter million years, this is understandable.

In a commentary with which the findings were published, Dr. J. W. C. White of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research said,
"We humans have built a remarkable socioeconomic system during perhaps the only time when it could be built, when climate was sufficiently stable to allow us to develop the agricultural infrastructure required to maintain an advanced society. We don't know why we have been so blessed, but even without human intervention, the climate system is capable of stunning variability."

When reached for comment, Al Gore said this article was planted by an oil executive who invented a time machine in order to bribe the New York Times 15 years in the past, and expressed dissatisfaction that the overweight crude-thirsty CEO didn't have the decency to invent a hybrid model.


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