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Eight Reasons Why Bush is Losing America's War Against Radical Islam

George Bush attests that the United States is currently engaged in a "war on terror." Not declaring war on radical Islam itself has potentially been the biggest mistake of the entire endeavor, as our enemy is not a terrorist tactic, but rather a religiously-inflamed ideology bent on the destruction of our nation and its nonbelievers. However, there are many, many reasons which lead me to think Bush seems hellbent on sinking this ship, having effectively left no one at the helm.

Bin Laden owes Bush quite a lot.

Or perhaps he is simply as much of a dupe as Carter, Reagan, and Clinton were in the last quarter century during their exchanges with the Muslim world in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Serbia, and Kosovo. Here are eight ways in which the Texan is screwing us over:

1. By turning a blind eye to the Southern border, he has allowed the single largest alien invasion to occur on his watch, which has not only resulted in well over twelve million known illegal immigrants crippling our prisons, hospitals, and schools, but numerous "undocumented" aliens who are not exactly planning on cozying up to lady liberty.

2. He has thrown the country into one of the most poorly planned wars in our history, causing the deaths of thousands of Americans, in order to sedate a violent country that was set back centuries after the devastation and corruption following the Gulf War, and to prop up a replacement government that has more and more friendly ties to Iran every day. The mistakes in this war have been true blunders, and they have been numerous.

3. After failing to secure the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and allowing swarms of al-Qaeda personnel to simply "slip out the back door," he neglected to apply pressure to President Pervez Musharraf to allow the CIA to interrogate Pakistani nuclear scientists who worked with al-Qaeda, including the father of the so called "Islamic bomb," Abdul Qadeer Khan.

4. Due to his pesky lack of a Congressional Declaration of War, he is content (along with John McCain and, as of yesterday, the Supreme Court) with terrorist prisoners being treated like incarcerated paperboys from Queens. Captured by Uncle Sam? No worries, they'll let you borrow their Constitution.

5. He has twiddled his green thumbs while the poppy fields of Afghanistan remain in full bloom under the noses of U.S. forces, providing millions of dollars in funding from the heroin trade for al-Qaeda to buy weapons and train terrorists.

6. He has completely ignored al-Qaeda cells in the following countries - Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Surinam, Venezuela - and in doing so allowed them to create a network of drug, human, and weapons trafficking which is infiltrating our country through our border with Mexico...all for the cause of cheap labor and liberal voters.

7. He opposes the use of classified intelligence evidence or "secret documentation," and has stated, "Arab Americans are racially profiled in what's called secret evidence. People are stopped, and we got to do something about that."

8. He has raised a petroleum-slicked umbrella to protect the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia from any scrutiny or consequences for their sponsoring of terror and radical Islamic schools. American lives and energy independence apparently aren't worth sacrificing a relationship with the Saudi royal family that has seen over $1 billion reach individuals and businesses closely connected to the Bush family.

Can you think of a Presidential candidate you would trust with these grave issues? I don't see one anywhere.


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