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Americans Like Small Government, So Why Don't Republicans?

It's understood that America's Leftists crave big government. More government control, more speech codes, more redistribution of wealth. In fact, they think America is great because of its government, not because of any accomplishments of the individual. The government doesn't protect your natural inalienable rights, the government grants them to you.

But Republicans have overseen the largest expansion of government power and control in our nation's history. More programs, more earmarks, more
bureaucracy...all in direct contradiction of their principles. Principles which may have changed for them, but which haven't for the Americans who put them in power. Take a look at the following Gallup poll:

I know John McCain is supposedly the earmark's worst nightmare, but he just doesn't sell me on the whole "limited government conservative" package. I have yet to hear him acknowledge that we have the largest and most intrusive government (and taxation system) we have ever had in our history, and that just limiting its expansion is not enough.

I have yet to hear him tell Americans to get ready for the greatest government roll-back in history; the greatest budget cutting, entitlement obliterating, foreign-aid dissolving, illegal-immigrant deporting administration the people have ever seen.

But sadly, if McCain is elected, I fear we'll be in for 4 years of Bush III, with a man who reeks less of true conservative principles and more of Old Spice and pancakes. Even more saddening is the fact that Bush III is infinitely better than Marx II. I
f this poll proves anything, it's that 36% of Democrats don't know why they are Democrats, other than "it feels better."

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