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Obama Still Not Getting the Whole YouTube Thing

Obama's aides should remind him that he is running for president in the year 2008, not 1908. William Taft would have been able to make contradictory policy statements within months and never lose a night's sleep. The national media would rarely double or triple-check records, and the millions of bloggers, pundits, and fact-checkers furiously digging up incriminating "flip-flop" evidence were simply not a problem.

Barack does not have that luxury. Today, the scrutiny is never-ending, and rightfully so. Where suspicion abounds, one need only consult the tapes. Obama has pulled a complete 180 on the constitutionality of gun bans, specifically the D.C. gun ban which was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Barack was in favor of the ban and agreed it was constitutional, but yesterday came out on the side of judges, and stated that the measure "went too far." Watch.

Interviewer: "In November you had mentioned that the D.C. handgun law was constitutional; now you're embracing the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision striking down that law?"

Obama: "I uh, that's not what I said uh, back in November."

No, that's not what you said back in November. It's what you said 4 months ago in February, back when you were sprinting to the left of Hillary in an effort to sweep the primaries. Wasn't it you who told us not to tell you that "words don't matter?"

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