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New York City's Israel Day Parade

New York City hosted the Israel Day Parade a few days ago, complete with an appearance by a hoard of anti-Semites calling themselves the "Islamic Thinkers Society." Here are some highlights from the protesters:

Meet the new anti-Semitism. Hint: it's the same as the old anti-Semitism.

A Borat reference, really? So Jews are fine as long as they're providing you with poster-fodder?

And here is a large yellow graph to prove it!

But somehow that doesn't include killing millions of Jews? Oh wait...

Note the sign in the back of the last photograph. Not Israel, not the "occupation," but Jews. This isn't about Israel, it's about loathing Jews and blaming them for every problem on Earth.

Will there be any bombings over these offensive (albeit trite) anti-semitic cartoons and statements? Any death threats? No, only when cartoons mock Islam is violence to be expected and our freedoms to be dissolved in the name of multiculturalism.

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