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Congressman: "America is an Imperial Power"

Congressman Keith Ellison made one of the most over the top speeches I've heard in a while, but then again, I haven't been paying much attention to Barack Obama this week. You may remember Ellison as the Muslim convert who ignited discussion when he opted to be sworn in by placing his hand on the Qur'an instead of a Bible. You can watch the speech, or you can read the highlights (which are more like lowlights). The amount of demagoguing and hollow deception in this 17 minutes is astounding. According to Congressman Ellison, America is an imperial power in which rich people have too much money, 85% of the population is made up of white Lutherans, and the Democratic candidate for President is from the "brand new scary religion known as Islam." Watch.

"Is conservatism a philosophy that holds any merit at all? Is the idea that rich people don't have enough money and poor people have too much a meritorious idea?"

Here we go. Apparently one of the main pillars of conservatism is the idea that rich people should be rewarded for being rich, and that poor people should be punished for being poor. This is demagoguery of the most dishonest fashion, and those of you on the Left will swallow it without a second thought.

"It doesn't make sense that you would put someone in power who fundamentally questions government at all."

Is it not American to question government? Do I need to remind you of the atrocities that have occurred when populations either neglected to or were prevented from openly questioning government? You don't think America is great because of its individuals and their values - you think America is great because of the power of its government.

"When they say they don't like government, they don't like the public having anything to say over what they do."

Is that why four liberal California judges overturned the voice of the people in which a majority voted against redefining marriage? Public opinion means nothing to politicians, but you're acting as though this is only true for the conservative right. You are intellectually dishonest and as misleading as any Republican, which is truly saying something.

"They [conservatives] said look, we can't really do our thing at the academic institutions because they believe in some measure of truth, so we're gonna start these think tanks."

No, they can't "do their thing" at the academic institutions because freedom of thought is apparently not a collegiate value. The term "liberal professor" is becoming more and more redundant every day. With the exception of the sciences, our universities have become incubators for liberal thought, indoctrinating a generation with the gospel of group identity and political correctness.

"We're [conservatives] gonna have studios so we can pump out our message, we're gonna get that message out to our media people, we're gonna pump up something that the world will one day know as hate radio."

Talk radio is such a thorn in your side isn't it? Nevermind that you have ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and CNN in your pocket, you want to shut down the last true bastion of free speech because opinions which oppose yours actually get ratings, and as we have learned, anyone that disagrees with you is full of "hate."

"Reagan, as much as he really made me sick as a President, was small in comparison to the gentleman in the white house right now."

You got that right.

"The C.E.O. President [Bush] whose idea of healthy forests is cutting them down."

If you read this blog, you know I'm no fan of Bush, but this statement is just ridiculous.

"They have seen the idea of America, an Imperial power, fighting wars over oil - 'how dare those people have our oil under their sand?'"

Tell me Keith, how much did you pay the last time you filled up your gas tank? Still think this war was about getting oil?

"Welcome to where a community that is about 85% white and Lutheran can look at a candidate who is both black and from that brand new scary religion known as Islam, and say you know if that guy's talking about peace, working class prosperity, and environmental sustainability, we don't give a rip what Glenn Beck has to say - we're gonna vote for him anyway."

I'm speechless.

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