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Barack Obama Thinks McCain is Lying, Specific Examples Apparently Not Necessary

Barry came out against McCain with both guns blazing (well, flailing frantically) yesterday. Obama offered up some fresh George Bush comparisons, in addition to accusations that both John McCain and that mom lady who's been showing up with him recently lied about their records.

What did Obama say, exactly
? From the AFP story:
He noted that Palin had originally supported an infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" project in Alaska, and had hired a Washington lobbyist to secure millions of dollars in federal funding for the small town of which she was mayor.

"Politicians lying about their records? You don't call that maverick -- you call it more of the same," the announcer said, breaching one of the last taboos of US politics by accusing the Republicans of outright dishonesty.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said: "Despite being discredited over and over again by numerous news organizations, the McCain campaign continues to repeat the lie that Sarah Palin stopped the Bridge to Nowhere.

This is the only example Obama uses to back up any of his attacks, and I really hope he keeps using it, because he seems to be forgetting that both he and Joe Biden voted for the Bridge to Nowhere. Sarah Palin was originally in favor of the bridge, she eventually killed the project and spent the money on other infrastructure improvements. McCain has always opposed it, and wasteful spending in general.

But after Barack and Biden initially voted for the bridge, Senator Tom Coburn proposed to shift earmark funds to help victims of hurricane Katrina, which had just happened two months before. Yet again, these two representatives of the party-of-change opted to spend the money on the bridge.

With any luck, you're witnessing the last desperate act of the Obama campaign to circumvent policy discussions in lieu of charges of dishonesty and a malicious intent to mislead.

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