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McCain/Palin Immigration Policies Remain a Mystery

There's no proof that McCain's people knew this was going on, but reports are surfacing that Republican convention attendees with signage relating to a particularly touchy issue for McCain were told to leave their cardboard and sharpies at home. If there's an issue where John McCain most disappoints me, it is the issue of illegal immigration - something he's been suspiciously quiet about since assuming the nomination, and an issue which seemed all but forgotten during the convention. Watch.

McCain has yet to tell the American people where he stands now on this critical issue, even after having been the poster-child of amnesty in an attempt to shove a massively unpopular piece of legislation down the throats of the taxpayers (with a little help from Ted Kennedy). And now, motivated voters at the Republican convention with signs reading "Build The Fence" were told to pack them up and keep them out of sight.

And Sarah Palin? I challenge anyone reading to find me anything tangible regarding her views on illegal immigration - I'm willing to bet you'll find yourself empty-handed. And if no one knows where she stands, what are the odds she's as much of a pushover for amnesty as John McCain has shown himself to be? Does John McCain think he can send another equally horrendous bill through congress if it's presented by Ronald Reagan in stilettos?

But of course, the American political equivalent of two-card-monte forces us to choose from two wholly imperfect candidates. If McCain is elected, proponents of border enforcement will really only have to fight his administration. If Obama is president, they'll have to fight an entire party.

I have no confidence in McCain on this issue. None. If you're a conservative who cares about border security, be prepared to be sold down the Rio Grande if the "maverick" is elected.

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