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Hey Congress, Why Not Take September Off?

I know you've been so busy working hard to get your approval rating below 10%, and allowing Nancy Pelosi to turn off the lights, cut the microphones, and leave conservatives to talk about energy policy in the dark while the "congressional leadership" got a jump on summer vacation. Meanwhile:

I say, why not take an extended vacation until the end of this month? That way, though it might feel like you're continuing your tradition of getting absolutely nothing done (unless you think renaming post offices and congratulating sports teams constitutes "leadership"), you can actually accomplish something most of the nation is clamoring for. You can let the congressional restrictions on offshore drilling expire.

The White House's own moratorium has been dissolved; the congressional element is the only thing standing between Americans and billions of barrels of domestic oil.

So, I ask of you Congress - give the American taxpayers their money's worth and keep up the lousy work.

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