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McCain Rolls Dice, Dems Roll Eyes

So, it's Sarah Palin. I like her, and I don't say that about many politicians. Granted, I've only known her for a few months now, but I still know more about her than I do about Barack Obama - and he's running for president.

Above: Governor Sarah Palin, potential VPILF?

My question: Why is everyone surprised by this pick? She's really the only person that gives him what he needs, and while she's a calculated risk, she does a lot. McCain has always championed himself on taking on his own party (many times to the dismay of his base), and he needs to prove to swing voters that he'll continue to do just that. This is getting lost in the tempest of "4 more years of Bush" that came swirling up from Invesco field last week.

Meanwhile, he'll probably need to convince social conservatives he isn't soft on issues like abortion and redefining marriage, and anything he can do to coax Hillary's heart-broken to his side can't hurt. Palin does all of this. In fact, the evangelical crowd is energized more than it has been the entire election, and there's no bigger nightmare for Democrats than energized religious voters.

Oh, and note to Michael Moore: Yes, she's got a son in the military, and he's deploying to Iraq in the fall.

The most entertaining part of this pick is that given her 8 or so years of political experience (compared to Barack's 11), the Obama team is undoubtedly going to start blasting Palin for her "inexperience." This is a trap, and if it succeeds, it will cause Obama more headaches than Jeremiah, Ayers, and the rest of the America-haters combined.

Not only is Palin's experience comparable to that of Obama's, and includes more actual achievements, but Obama was the candidate who's message stressed the importance of judgment over experience in the first place. He was forced to maneuver in such a way because, as little as you may know about Sarah Palin, you knew absolutely nothing about Barack Obama before his run for the presidency. I don't know how long you've been strolling through the carnival midway that is American politics, but when electing a president, this is hardly the norm.

By the way, if you take away anything from me today, let it be this: Experience matters, but accomplishment matters more. Let's compare Sarah with Captain Change:

Instead of working her way up and aligning her positions with powerful interests pervading Chicago's infamous political machine, she ran on a platform of challenging incumbent Republicans and, despite opposition from her own party, won the election and as Governor enjoyed consistent approval ratings in the 80s and 90s. Which one sounds like "change" to you?

Obama opted to take the standard route to the top for his party, and through his talents and ability to "inspire," was able to land himself on a national ticket after being a "community organizer," law professor, and state senator. He has spent most of his time as a U.S. senator running for president. Palin has spent most of that time running a state.

Meanwhile, Palin has a wide range of interests and has a well-varied and achievment-steeped resume. She was a journalist, a commercial fisherwoman, and Alaska's oil and gas commissioner - all before entering politics. Her resume alone shows something other than burning political ambition and a lust for power.

We'll continue to hear more and more about her as the weeks roll on. But Joe Biden, if you're listening:

If the real thing don't do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick
Ooooooh... Sarah'cuda?

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