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Obama Can't Lie About the Record He Doesn't Have

I'd like to direct you to the website for the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. If you look hard enough (or just click this link), you'll find a report comparing the voting record of every sitting U.S. senator in regard to wasteful government spending projects. Seems like a good opportunity to get a feel for how the two presidential candidates treat the taxpayer's money, right?

This is the actual look on John McCain's
face upon waking each morning.

The report assigns senators an "approval rating" based on how many times they voted with the taxpayers, meaning how many times they voted in a way that saved the taxpayers money, rather than throwing that money at frivolous pork-barrel spending.

Let's start with John McCain, the man who Barack Obama accused of lying about his record. According to the report, John McCain has a 100% approval rating on pork-barrel spending for the 2007 legislative season. His lifetime score is 88%. So, throughout his entire career in the senate, McCain voted "with the taxpayers" 88% of the time.

The news for Barack is not so good. His approval rating for 2007 was a meager 10%, with a lifetime rating of 18%. So in 2007, John McCain was ten times more likely to vote against wasteful government spending. Obama might want to rethink his "google for government" idea. Oh, and Joe Biden? He actually managed to score a 0% rating in 2007.

But McCain and Palin are the ones lying about being "mavericks," right?

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