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Shocker: University Professor Assigns Anti-Palin Essay Assignment

Big surprise, right? If the professor was trying to get the kids to think critically, it could actually benefit conservative students, because they would be forced to scrutinize Palin's character and record instead of accepting her at face value based on her image - something many Obama supporters don't seem to hesitate with. Click the image below to read the local CBS report and watch the video.

Click to watch the video.

But instead of a healthy assignment that stressed critical thinking, the purpose of the assignment was to "teach" the students what a fraud Sarah Palin is. One student even said that "the instructor singled out Republican students in the class and allowed others to ridicule them." The intention of the assignment was to criticize the "fairy tale image of Sarah Palin" presented by Republicans. You aren't going to find any Marxist professors, America-hating racists, or domestic terrorists of the kind an exposé of a certain Democrat candidate would unearth.

Parents, this is what you're getting for $50k a year. According to the local news article, school officials are investigating claims of "bias, harassment, and bullying." Bias in a university classroom? Surely you jest!

I would like to think that for every one of these stories that comes to light, more professors with the same predisposition for "bias and harassment" check themselves. Sadly, I fear it's more likely that they simply devise more subtle means of indoctrination.


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