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Depressing: Majorities in Only 9 of 17 Countries Surveyed Believe Al-Qaeda Was Responsible for 9/11

The following poll released by WorldPublicOpinion.org reveals that majorities in only 9 of 17 surveyed countries believe that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. It also reveals that these statistics make for one ugly looking graph. Sorry. A couple things:

First, notice how apparently the pillar of Middle East rationality is the Palestinian territories. Second, should our European allies be embarrassed by how far they lag behind Kenya and Nigeria?

If this is accurate,
Osama should really consider increasing Al-Qaeda's advertising and public relations budget. Crap-quality audio tapes sporadically released? Videos shot a decade ago? It's just not doing the trick. How is the world supposed to be aware of their...er, "accomplishments?"

Really though this is freaking stupid.

The BBC decides it's a good time to explain why fire doesn't have to melt steel to make buildings collapse.

Update: Apparently bin Laden and the gang have decided to take my advice. From the Jerusalem Post:
Seven years after September 11, 2001, al-Qaida as an organization is seen by many analysts to be in some disarray. One prominent observer of the network depicts it as having been reduced to a core of 200-300 operatives. Yet al-Qaida as an idea and as a franchise remains healthy and is still a threat.

Responding to this changed reality, the al-Qaida leadership is investing increased resources in propaganda, with the intention of radicalizing large numbers of young Muslims throughout the world. And these efforts are proving successful, though it is doubtful whether this success will produce real-world political benefits for al-Qaida.
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  • Anonymous Keith said:
    Thursday, September 11, 2008  

    But look at how many people said "don't know". That's a legitimate response. Only about 20% or less of people believe specifically that someone other than Al Qaeda did it. top

  • Anonymous keith said:
    Thursday, September 11, 2008  

    Also interesting how Germany has the highest percentage of people that believe it was AQ, but also the second highest believing it was the US Govt. top

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